Random Thoughts...I'm gettin shit off my chest

okay...this is how you know that I am bored! i gotta lot on my not angry or anything...i just have to get it up before it backs up on me like chesse and then you cant get it out and you can't use the bathroom...tmi lmao.
Party on, my brotha: So like last week I went to a kappa party, hoping somewhere in the back of my mind that it would be a regular party. Let me tell y'all sometihng! IF YOU WANT TO STROLL EVERYWHERE YOU WALK AND DANCE THEN JUST THROW A GREEKS-ONLY AND GET OUT OF MY SPACE! Now I know I sound somewhat bitter or something like a hater, it's just not so...I just have a problem holding grudges. No disrespect yo, but alot of dudes and chicks go greek becasue they were nobody before and they become somebody that way...and if you pick that way to go, that's fine. But can you achieve infamy on your own, my friend? Also, Greeks do great, great things for our community as a whole. But on a greater scale, why cant we ALL (unified!!) join hands and get something done! Maybe sing Kumbayaa? ok maybe not Kumbayaa...Perhaps I'm still an annoying freshman picking at the edges of this rotting carcass we call school, but I was somebody in high school and I will continue to be somebody afterwards.Honey.
Which brings me to my next sitch: I'm definitely a somebody,baby, but who the hell am I?(This feels like such a private subject but I am totally like putting myself on hear all the time that if you are jealous of somebody or wary of another person (or girl), then that's a reflection on yourself....but cant somebody just get on my nerves? Can't I just wanna kick the crap outta somebody? Can't I just take somebody apart piece by piece by looking at them and then talking about them? No, I can't. It's not right. Just today some girl wrote a smart-aleck comment on facebook and when I read it, I wanted to race through Cyberspace and choke her! That's a problem...and on the whole, I need to get it together.And while I have to do that whole "introspection" thing, I still gotta do good in school!
School: I love to learn! Seriously! But dangit if I dont have the most boring classes in the world! It makes it hard to learn....what did the greats do with this problem, since I'm following SOMEBODY's footsteps (don't know whose, but aint nothin new under the sun)It is so hard to crack a book here, with it bein so cold, and you just wanting to sleep...listen to me. I sound pitiful.