Bust-It Baby, huh? NOT!!!!

The older I get, the more I realize how young I really am. Like, really. Being in college is a great thing, but sometimes it isn’t becasue i get a lot of damn free time to think about shit.(shit like this,lol) Also, being 18, I am seeing old folks views more and more and am able to agree with them, while I still understand a teenager’s way of thinking.Romance is and always has been a percentage of my life....and apparently every other healthy young heterosexual female too.But young ladies are getting it confused today...Why the fuck do you want to be somebody’s "Bust-It Baby"?

* first it was dipset’s "honey dip." The song had a nice beat, melody, and whatnot,(basically it was cute.) but when you listen to the words you realize how disrespectful that fucking song really is. No, he doesn’t want you to be his you, who probably already have a boyfriend who might possibly be treating you right, (but it dont matter cuz youre so into this other guy), chill with him and let him hit whenever he wants, becasue he is who he is. I THINK NOT!

*later everyone is in love with being "Wifey". Not "Wife", but "wifey". Please, don’t even fuck with the word if you’re not serious about getting married! We all equate "wifey" with those other idiotic monikers, "my main chick, my bottom bitch" which is telling dudes it’s all right if they fuck around with other girls, as long as you love me. as long as you care about me the most. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! Being 1 means that there are other numbers, honey! And that you’re telling him that you dont love yourself enough to demand to be his one and only!

*and now, there’s "Bust-It Baby". Im not too sure there’s a girl out there who doesn’t swoon over plies. Hell, I do myself! He’s sexy and I love his swag....his roughness and grittiness represents that Alpha Male, the man who’s not afraid to lead his household and hold you down always, and also not afraid to take charge in the bedroom, know what I’m sayin?lol. But he’s only talkin about holding it down in the bedroom, and none of that other shit, ok? Any man who loves the streets, a place that will take him to jail or the grave,more than he can love me, is a man I can do without. And that is what these young ladies are confused about.

There is nothing cute about calling yourself any of these names, ladies! You are nobody’s wifey, or honey dip or bust-it baby! Get yourself together! By calling yourself that you arent able to call yourself what you are, a princess, a queen, a LADY! you don’t want no nigga who will treat you like any of these names listed above! Get ya fuckin head in the books and do for you, so that you can find the MAN (not nigga) who will treat you like a motherfucking lady! And on those dry nights when you feel like you need some love, go get you some, but not becasue thats all you are to him. Get it cuz you want it! The niggas will always be there!!! And I am not a hypocrite, cuz I am tellng you right now I have been there. I used to be so excited when I told people about my boyfriend, and that I was "wifed-up’. But I was more enamored with the name than I was with him! GET OVER THAT GHETTO SHIT CUZ THATS ALL IT IS.

Bottom line, we all have struggles with realizing how precious we are and that what we give out between our legs was supposed to be a gift to our husbands. That gift I gave away a while ago, and while it was wrong, I cant regret the past. Even today, the man I’m dating I care about so much that I want to be whatever he wants me to be....SOMETIMES. but then i get unstuck off stupid, becasue things can go from sugar to shit in a minute with a man. you jus never know what these niggas will do next! So before i let him call me anything else I let him, and myself, know, that I AM A FUCKING LADY.ok?

And so are you!