back for the somebody catch me

Cue the music for me to make my dramatic re-entrance.
It's been a looong, loong year so far and its only September. Tons of things have been happening at once and since I finally get a day of free time, i can share them w/u guys...before I implode. though before I get knee-deep into any one subject, Im gonna lay em all out......
*Im 20 years old now!!!!- despite the exclamations, this is NOT a yay moment.I am officially NOT a teenager anymore and i officially have 10 years before I'm middle aged. what has the world come to? and i dont feel like ive accomplished much at all in my twenty years. sad face.

* Im sooo broke. as usual. who wants a 2nd rendtion of The Broke Diaries
* I've been thinking hard,since I'm ancient, where I actually want to live. Where I want to spread my wings and fly to for a career. Ive decided on Chicago. what do y'all think? DO they have space for a black,country Mary Tyler Moore?lol
(btw, has anyone noticed that people really DO NOT laugh when they write lol? lol.)
*I, thank god, at least have 1 job, but it is at THE most ghetto hospital in all of the fucking midwest. Prepare for the laughs...but on the other hand,nowadays 1 job is simply not enough. So of course im on the steady hunt for another. It,work, and life has made me so busy some days I hardly have time to talk to my friends....
* IM STILL CELIBATE! boy, its been some dry months (pun intended) behind me and im sure, ahead of me.but I'm appreciative of the decision I'v made, STILL. Its actually made me rather cocky now...even though nobody's really been trying to "bust it out the frame" anyway...
*and that's because I'm single! In every sense of the word. One little stick person in the Partly because I dont really have any time to entertain men and all their foolishness, partly because i dont have too much tolerance,either. Pat Benatar has the battlefield as her interpretation of love,while I have the Sahara. But I actually like it!! right now,anyway. All I need in this life of sin, is me and my inkpen...
*Lastly: I want to change the direction of this blog. I just dont know what to...I thought writing about my life would come out hilariously on the screen, since people seem to suffer from fits of hysteria when tales of it come out of my mouth.Im starting to believe its not really that fucking funny,just sad, and people laugh to make me feel better. whatever. I'll figure it out!!

and most importantly: I'm writing a book!!!!
but hey, im writing!
be back seriously this time.
Forever flyy....