back for the somebody catch me

Cue the music for me to make my dramatic re-entrance.
It's been a looong, loong year so far and its only September. Tons of things have been happening at once and since I finally get a day of free time, i can share them w/u guys...before I implode. though before I get knee-deep into any one subject, Im gonna lay em all out......
*Im 20 years old now!!!!- despite the exclamations, this is NOT a yay moment.I am officially NOT a teenager anymore and i officially have 10 years before I'm middle aged. what has the world come to? and i dont feel like ive accomplished much at all in my twenty years. sad face.

* Im sooo broke. as usual. who wants a 2nd rendtion of The Broke Diaries
* I've been thinking hard,since I'm ancient, where I actually want to live. Where I want to spread my wings and fly to for a career. Ive decided on Chicago. what do y'all think? DO they have space for a black,country Mary Tyler Moore?lol
(btw, has anyone noticed that people really DO NOT laugh when they write lol? lol.)
*I, thank god, at least have 1 job, but it is at THE most ghetto hospital in all of the fucking midwest. Prepare for the laughs...but on the other hand,nowadays 1 job is simply not enough. So of course im on the steady hunt for another. It,work, and life has made me so busy some days I hardly have time to talk to my friends....
* IM STILL CELIBATE! boy, its been some dry months (pun intended) behind me and im sure, ahead of me.but I'm appreciative of the decision I'v made, STILL. Its actually made me rather cocky now...even though nobody's really been trying to "bust it out the frame" anyway...
*and that's because I'm single! In every sense of the word. One little stick person in the Partly because I dont really have any time to entertain men and all their foolishness, partly because i dont have too much tolerance,either. Pat Benatar has the battlefield as her interpretation of love,while I have the Sahara. But I actually like it!! right now,anyway. All I need in this life of sin, is me and my inkpen...
*Lastly: I want to change the direction of this blog. I just dont know what to...I thought writing about my life would come out hilariously on the screen, since people seem to suffer from fits of hysteria when tales of it come out of my mouth.Im starting to believe its not really that fucking funny,just sad, and people laugh to make me feel better. whatever. I'll figure it out!!

and most importantly: I'm writing a book!!!!
but hey, im writing!
be back seriously this time.
Forever flyy....

blog coming soon

ive just been really busy! gettin my shit together....


Celibacy: My Choice to Make a Choice

When I look in the mirror, I mostly see exactly what others tell me they see: sex. Largeish eyes, big lips, and cartoonish curves. And it isnt namely men who see this. Since I was a younger girl (since Im still a youngin) even my family thought I was sexually active. My clothes were always a little too tight,(whether fashionable or not-and most often not), and I was always 10 pounds too voluptous for the average teenager. What is so funny to me is that I am the complete opposite of my long,brooding face and dangerous ass. Im not a prude, but I most certainly am not chopping it up with every guy I date. And as of late, Ive made the decision not to chop it up at all. Ive decided to to practice celibacy until further notice. There are a plethora of reasons why I've decided not to hit the sheets anymore, but I'll just list a couple of the biggies so as not to put your all's asses to sleep.

Religion- I am always a work in progress. They say the road to hell is paved w/good intentions, but I hope to be operating in the right directing if instead of intending, I take action. Even though I definitely think about it, sometimes I feel guilty for just the thought. Perhaps since im on this new mission to become more god-like (by resisting temptation) I can get a little closer to god. and that makes me happy.
::Gets into the spirit now::

Health: Aids/HIV is the number one Killer of African-American women. Had I still been with Hip-Hop (who luckily didnt expose me to HIV, but with the number of women he was screwing while he was cheating, he was damn close to obliterating both of us)I might have been sitting somewhere looking crazy, losing T-cells with each cough. Im too young to be dealing with so much foolishness. Also, with each woman a man sleeps with, he is thought to become more virile and stronger sexually. With each man a woman sleeps with, those are miles on your kitty cat that you cant get back! After you've been ran through so many times, kegels can only do so much. And since I'm but a mere babe in the grand scheme of life, im trying my best to keep my Henrietta FRESH! can YOU dig it?
Relationships:I refuse now and forevermore to rush sex in a relationship. Before Ive done it in my relationships because
*I was bored
*I was horny
*I wanted to keep hope alive
Though that second one was something every human being feels, every relationship that I had sex in,ended. (and sometimes ended terribly!) After sex I immediately start catching feelings for the guy, even if he doesnt. From now on, I want those kinds of feelings to already exist between us before I even think of making that move.Besides, like I've said in past entries, I've come to learn that though most women dont want it to be this way, relationships are comprised mostly of games and challenges, and 9 times out of ten once you "give it up", the guy gets bored. He's won! and he will eventually move on. Im not looking to have that happen in my next go round. Why?

sO i'D rather be left a thousand times for not ponying up than to screw and get screwed over. Why share a jail cell with Lorena Bobbit when you can just move on with not as much invested?
Now that I've declared to commencing this journey, I dont know when it will end. Certainly not tomorrow, beacuase
a)Im not in a commited, monogamous relationship
b) I feel as though I give my power up to the guy when I give it up. right now there is nothing better than switching my big "dangerous" ass around this campus and life, feeling that there is this electricity coming up off me that not just any man can touch.I HAVE THE POWER LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, AND I AM GREEDY WITH IT! lol
Ive already told a couple of my girlfriends and some guy friends as well. But if nobody asks, im zipping it. A couple of my girls scoffed, while my other girls were supportive. It doesnt really matter, because I'm not on a quest to prove someone right or wrong. This is about me. All the guys i told didnt believe me, which is fine as well. It shows that they dont really know me or how serious i am when I get on my soapbox. They, in turn, wont have a chance in hell of having me. All I know is, the next time I let a man ring my bells, it'll be because I'm deeply feeling him and what he is about and am willing to share myself. and it will be purely my choice.If not, go cool your hot balls off somewhere else. :) I know what I deserve.

youre a bad bitch, huh?

I understand now why every adult doesnt smile that much. When I was a kid, though my smile wouldnt exactly light up a Just For Me perm box, I couldnt understand why most adults never seemed that happy. But today, I dont undesrtand why adults smile at all....

I was beating down the lotion bottle this morning to get the last out of the bottom (we ARE in a recession) when i flipped through the channels onto CNN. The lotion was soon forgotten, as was the rest of the chores I had for the day ass I watched CNN for most of it. Of course we all know what the most prevalent issues have been in the past few weeks: Bernie Madoff, one of the greatest hustlers of our time and the bailout of the AIG company, a GROUP of the greatest hustlers of our time. The more I listened, the more I got pissed off! But hold the phone, because Bernie the Beast doesnt deserve all my broke wrath. A good majority of the people who invested in his ventures deserve an equal portion of my wrath as well, since their main reasons for joining up with him were quick returns on cash buildup. TRhey were some greedy asses! While I do feel sorry for the 90 yr olds who now have to return to work as security guards, I cannot help but feel heaps of apathy for the younger people who's greedy asses are now as broke as I am. They are only now just beginning to feel the woes that my parents, and now me, feel every fucking day! Welcome to the real world! Had these people still had the millions that Bernie the Beast Swindled, I dont quite think their asses would be trying to feed the hungry or help the homeless. As I watched the past smug girns and leers be replaced by Woe-is-me no more yachts and valets tears, I felt, well,vindicated. They'll have to wash their asses with a rag like everyone else now, not a BIDET.
Moving right along, I think that the AIG is a complete joke in ethics and accolades, yet SUCH smooth criminals for demanding that a large portion of their bailout go to $50 and $60 million dollar bonuses for the jackasses who've been raping America's economy in the ass for years!How odd that in spite of that, if we got rid of them Americas recession would take a turn for the worst and crash and burn...
Jesus, it wont be long,huh?
While I'm on this rant concerning money, I want y'all to know that
BANKS ARE THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have really been conscious this year in my money saving and spending efforts (one of my New Year's Resolutions was to have saved half a stack by the years end)and the bank is not having it!!! They wait until I dont have any money in my account to process payments, they charge mad fees on top of fees until Im in debt and calling my mama, crying. In the words of Kanye:
im going to sleep.