ghetto fabulism.....

so in an attempt to get my mind off my incredible brokeness and Hip-hop's current bitchass behavior, my friend Ryan took me to a fashion show. My first fashion show, in fact,and I was rather excited. Being in a time where plus sized models are cropping up everywhere and I myself am 5'8 and wear a 14, i decided maybe this might be a place to take stock and decide if I might like to do something of the sort (we all know every young girl has those dreams of glitz and glamour!)I also wanted to go becasue I wanted to support my friend bebe.She, by the way, killed it! (shamless promotion part here) Her name is Brittany Nicole Baker and she's a good 5'9 or 5'10 and a great model and she needs work! (ok promotions over lol....hey I can also try pr, cant i?)

In any case, the show was supposed to start at 7....but it was a BLACK fashion show. IT did not begin untill 8:15. Now im a rookie at attending these things, but I dont think that what went on at this fashion show goes on at all of them (or proffesional ones at that) here's a couple thing's I jotted down at the show on my SK:
*No this man did not just walk up on the "stage" (read: Platform)and grab the mike and start singin! WTF?
*Now this old reggae chan lookin ass nigga is up he did not just bust out with Boo-Ya-kah!
*Not this VIP section off to the side in this lil ass room with all these old people (original models from 1800 in Africa lookin ass)
*Oh no! why is this dude gettin into it with one of the models and is walkn around talkin bout ima smack this bitch in her mouth. (in front of the elderly, I mean Really?)
*Why is this girl walkin around with this bebe/dickies lookin shortset w. a rhinestone belt and a matchin rhinestone g-string?
*why are all the models coming out and announcing themselves? Does this take place in a regualr show?
These were just some random thoughts that i had to jot down in order to keep my mouth from droppin.boy, and I thought I was broke down....This show was too through. lol. well at least I got out for the weekend.
Pics below: I didnt include myself in any of these, but here's the "stage" (read: platform), a pic of my friend Ryan, and a pic of the new redbone I think Hip-hop's cheating on me with this month...she cute aint she? At least my baby dont down grade....
eye-roll. I'm goin to sleep.