Where Were You When Our President Was Elected?

(btw, a couple of y'all (Eb and Saitek) read a news paper article i had written for the newspaper that i saved on my blog. Sorry guys, it wasnt a post, I just didnt have a disk! ghetto, i know!lol but i feel the love neway! Thanks yuurr kindly, u are my motivations!)

let me start this off by saying that I am sleepy as hell!!!!! so sleepy, i mean soo, sleepy..sitting here working night desk. I am a SLAVE to this job...ive been having problems w/it, hate it and am about to quit, then i get a new bill for the month or am swayed by the trendy new hotness on my favorite internet boutiques....i hate newho, i know its been a long time, sorry guys! im just a lazy heffer. but since I asked YOU guys the question (in my headline), its only right that I tell you where i was....on campus!lol here I am after I just got finished voting....

And here I am when Obama was elected!!!!!

LOL. I know about the roughness, my weave was "begone" my friend rissa's pits were the ish, but MAN, were we happy. As soon as obama hit 277, i flew out of my chair and screamed and almost cried and me and my roommate ran throughout the halls (where in some places some white girls were crying, and not out of joy.)it seemed like all the black students piled out @ once to celebrate, and we had an impromptu party!Ill try to get the video up from my sidekick later this week of every black person at school here (thats sad if u can see them all in one video) drinking kool-aid somebody brought out, dancing to speakers somebody brought out, and chanting "Obama, Obama" like it was a rap song...whoops, it is, isnt it?LOL. I took a thousand newspapers from school with O's face on them and plan to frame one....something i really cant wait to tell my kids about. For this post, I'm torn between wanting to wax sentimental about this election and what its meant to me and to talk about what else has been going on lately in regards to my last post, because sadly, though the election was the greatest, it hasnt BEGAN to solve all my problems...guess ill connect w/ last post and talk about "how I feel" and "who I am" in another one...i talk about myself too much anyway...(like this blog isnt all about me..::Side eye::)
:::::I put my fertilizer down!!!!::::(flips in the air)
after finding out even MORE crap about Hip-Hop (i was contacted by some girl who was LIVING w/ him while this travesty between us was supposed to take place, even though it has BEEN over) and decided to just close out everything between us for good even though it was over (this included alot of name calling and death threats on my part)because we all know how black relationships are- they can drag on for YEARS. And i just dont want it. Uh-uh, not me!In fact, Ive been spending alot of time by myself and feel pretty good about it.(and have strangely stocked up on queen latifah's, monie love's, and sista souljah's albums lol) I know all my goals and have a complete game plan down for my life now. In other words....
:::a sista gots it goin on::
after I get my shit right, of I finally have dragged myself down to my friend The Queen's modeling show practice like I told y'all. Dont y'all know this heffer told me I gotta pay $100 to be in the show? (Nigga say what?) lol, just kidding.And ah, thanks giving break is just next week...I love
*though that still doesnt change the fact that i feel something lacking here
*next post ill b backtracking and talkin abt my halloween!lol
*Random question, but does anybody else not feel ALL THAT HAPPY when they accomplish something? I think somethin might be wrong with me. I feel almost the same way about losing a brand new expensive whte sweater to a mudstorm as I do when i finally get something done...weird.
*I will b checkin on all u guy's blogs and commenting. I havent forgotten abt you I prommise!
*Morehouse Man comes home next week! yay!lol