Anybody, who knows me (or knows me well) knows that I wear a hairweave. (gasp, oh my god she's admitting it!)lol yes. I am a trackstar. But that's only a negative connotation if I choose it to be, and I choose it NOT to be. From middle school on, I've had a journey with my hair, and went anywhere from a shoulder length bob to a "dooty- ball" at the top of my head, to a flip that rested at my earlobes. Freshman year of highschool, however, I discovered the WEAVE! My beautician put a ponytail on me for my freshman year picture, and from then on, I loved it! I loved never having to do my hair anymore, just throw it on and go! but of course, you cant wear the same weave for months and months, and the "ponytail", as it quickly began to be known as, became raggedy, and almost led me to an altercation with somebody! But I surely wasnt going to let it go, and from then on my weave has evolved. Grown. Ive done all kinds of shit. Short hairstlyes, LONG, different colors, bangs. The list is endless. My baby sugar punkin knows I wear one as well, and he doesnt too much care. (like I'd give a fuck if he did's MY hair, gotdamn you!lol) and I've pretty much gotten the weave thing down (if you dont think so, feel free to write me a message later) so I feel as though I should help those who have less experience or arent so inclined to dealing with it. Becasue the rugs I've been seeing on some females around here lately HAVE GOT TO GO!

1- If you're gonna wear a weave, Please buy some real fucking hair! The best you can, at least, becasue unless you're a baller bitch and you got it like that and change it up whenever, that weave is going to be sitting there for a minute. Bad weave looks plastic and stringy and dry! and when you move your head it will move with you! instead of swishing around on its own like it's supposed to....If I see you, I WILL talk about you.

2-If you're gonna wear a weave, take care of it! Yes, you have to treat that shit like its your own. Brush it. Wrap it up when you go to sleep. Moisturize it. love it! cuz if not its going to get dry and tangled, and I've seen waaayyyy too many bitches in the club with their weave in knotty tangled balls at the back of their necks and looking haphazard in the front. Again if I see you, I WILL talk about you.

3-Make sure your weave looks like your hair! as close as you can get as possible! The color (unless you going for a funky two-tone look) shouldnt be lighter or darker. and if you must, take somebody with you when you buy that damn hair! Also, the textures must match as well! If you got some nappy ass project hair and you bought some wacky-yaky, you better SHELLACK that stuff with product and a flat iron until it lays down like your weave. I'm so tired of seeing people walking around with "shredded wheat" at the top of their heads and Italian silky at the bottom that I could scream!Also, if you are wearing a curly weave:unless your hair is fine and agrees with the texture of your weave, dont keep it in too long. After a while, the textures WILL separate and people will indeed begin to realize you dont have as much indian in your family as you would like them to think.Again ladies, if i see you, I WILL talk about you.
(quick tip: if your real hair is flat but not as shiny as you like, run the barrel of a hot curling iron over will glisten. Ashley J, you may not remember giving that advice years ago, but thanx anyway! =))

4- Cover your tracks!we've all had a little mishap where a track is somewhat visible through your hair, but that's not what I'm talkin about.Im talkin about not having enough hair at the top of your head to cover the tracks underneath it! (in that case, maybe you should invest in a quick weave...look it up)and, dont try and put yo hair in a damn ponytail unless your shit is LAID! people are not idiots...we can see the track prints, honey.and please believe if it's sitting out clear as day and I can spot it, I WILL talk about you.

5-unless you are talented or have been at the weave wearing for a while (that'd be me) Dont do it yourself! believe it or not, not everybody needs the full two bags of hair that is prescribed for a sew-in weave.The other night I saw an old friend of mine that looked like she had two pounds of weave on her head and it was weighing her poor little baby-head skinny dome down! Just wrong...Also, I go to school with a couple that need a little help. Their weaves look like HATS becasue they're so big on they damn head! You better tell shaniqua to stop gettin creative on your wig,honey! Its not a good look!you know why? cuz i WILL talk about you!

6-Dont wear a weave thats not YOU. Dont come to school or to yo job with no fingerwaves on one side, waterfall crimps coming down in a pontyail on top of that with bangs underneath with twisties, a french roll and two random tracks in the back! its just ridiculous! also, if you got a big ass forehead, cover that shit up! dont be assaulting us...and going back to ponytails, dont you DARE wear no long ass silky black pony tails and the back of yo neck looks like a dark version on the gravel on the side of the road. you know why? Becasue.
My whole crew will talk about you.Badly.

Bottom line, weaves are everywhere. And they're here to stay. While some girls may only wear it once in their lives for a prom or a wedding, still others may wear it like an accesory,or another part of their style.(like me!) Dont hate on the next person, and that goes for boys and girls. Boys, weave is not for "bald-headed people". Every wench that you like lookin at in magazines or on tv has had some sort of enhancement. "if you cant grow it, sew it!" and "if you cant achieve it, weave it!" are very oudated terms, becasue women of every race wear it. Even girls with long hair, becasue its often for thickness more than length. Girls, if you dont wear a weave, then feel free to laugh at this. And if you do, then please make sure you got all that ive written about on lock! Becasue ive been through all that shit. And, well, if you decide NOT to take my advice, then, like Bruce-Bruce says...
"That looks GOOD....on....YOU.!"
(but i WILL talk about you.)