LA, LA LA LA, wait till I get my money right....

Yesterday morning, over Hip-Hop's house (who by the way it only took tonight for our relationship to deteriorate again-he's too damn old for this now i mean damn...)I pulled up the blinds and looked out of the big bay window of his loft. I looked down at the little people walking the streets and looked across the way of our bridge, linking us to another state. I put my elbows down and stared out at this glittering, pretty, yet country, little metropolis and thought to myself:
Damn I am so broke.
I quit the telemarketing job yesterday. I was a horrible saleswoman (as i suspected ever since i got freaking hired there) and only averaged about 1 sale per hour. Apparently the people over me didnt think it so wise that i and other wack sales people be allowed to get paid for doing nothing (which is basically what we all are doing there anyway) and started cutting my hours. To two-hour-at-a-time shifts. do you know how much gas costs, man? I had to cut that bull ish short. So i went to get my check today, took off my badge when I got it, and rolled the hell out of there. I've just almost finished oaying this month's round of bills so if I stay in the house and go nowhere i just might be able to scrape by with these last two checks....(silently kicking myself for not working at the sex shop....)
however, that is not where my problems w/money end.
I am 4 stacks short of my tuition money. And that's to pay for LAST semester. Things are getting pretty crucial right now, seeing as I only have two months to get sometype of scholarship or Loan. It's hard as hell to get a loan in my household, becasue like a lot of black parents i know ( i wont say all) their credit is F***** and you know you have to have a great cosigner for those things...anyway, I'm starting to panic. I really dont know what to do. I keep trying to remember, there are loads of people who are in worse positions than you!!!! but that mantra isnt workin as well as it used to....
somebody pray for