For everything there is a season....

And this season I gotta go on hiatus for a small period of time. My little sister broke my laptop and as u read I'm posting on my write without me lovers! During this hiatus most of my time will b spent breaking my broke foot off in her ass untill I can come up with $130 to buy a new power adapter.....tear. SO not flyy....


Secrets of a Southern Belle...Who's Independence day?

Definitely not mine. When this day came into fruition, me and my peeps were still in the field singin "oh lordy, pick a bail uh cotton...oh lorday pick a bail uh hay...." so it wasnt much to celebrate. But since it was "independence day" i broke my dependence to my hairweave and let my head rest for the weekend if that means anything. I did go to a wedding, though. LET ME TELL YOU WHY I WAS DEAD-WRONG FOR ATTENDING THE WEDDING.MY HOISH CHICKENS CAME HOME TO ROOST. The couple were two people that I used to work with at a restaurant. I wont say their names, cuz I can get killed for what I'm about to share with you guys.Three years ago, at the tender age of sixteen, I carried on in an episode w/ the groom, then 24. ( yeah he's a nasty child molester, but it took me a couple years to figure that out, and how naive I was)anyway, I was still close with his family, becasue we all worked together and I went to high school with some of his cousins.They were the ones who begged me to come. What the hell would I look like ( the other woman thats what) going to his wedding? If it looks like a ho, walks like a ho, and smiles like a ho, it aint chicken. Also in attendance was my ex Courtney, who the Groom claims as his cousin.(i didnt know that until later.) He just moved here from AL not too long ago, and in that time, managed to cheat on me with every janky white bitch you can make up! So I didnt want to go alone, and I also didnt want to go with anybody ugly, or who knew about the situation. I had to come up with I came up with Dez, the cheating boyfriend I've mentioned in past posts. H'es 6'6, dominican, indian, and black, and not the brightest crayon in the box. (HE WAS PERFECT!) so we got there and of course, all eyes were on us....heeheehee. and that was including my decidely new NONfriend, Krystal. Krystal attends the same school as me, is as intelligent, and extremely beautiful. The only resaon I tolerate her is becasue she's Chocolate and beautiful, and represents for us!( 'ill explain that story later) In any case, her social climbing ass was there, and deicded to give me the cold shoulder. (we in the south/midwest, and u are rude as hell if u dont speak, even if u hate each other!) so it was no surprise that karma breezed past us in the reception hall and she got knocked on her ass. (video below.enjoy.heehee)

So finally everybody settled down and the wedding began. It was perfect, short and sweet, just like I like it, and soo touching, actually. No matter how much hatred I felt towards the groom for things that happened, and pity i felt for the scrawney, chicken legged redbone bride, they didnt care. It was all about them, the way it should be. And a glimmer of jealousy sparked in my chest and spread untill I was completely green under neath my electric blue dress. I'm very afriad that I wont find THE ONE....nevertheless I'll always have after the wedding everyone was passing out drinks, and my ex Coutney the Cheater was manning the Table and wouldnt give me one. (punk bitch)somehow i managed to finagle one anyway.So as I swtiched my flyy ass out the door to drop dez off and quite early, there was no need to stay and schmooze, thats just wrong) I didnt feel half as akward and wrong as I thought...WHat would one say about that?