Stop The Madness... Class Act prt 1

Stop the madness. Like, really.
Why are we females always fighting EACH OTHER?
I have come a long way from where I used to be, and being a little more enlightened than I was before, I'm looking around and shaking my head. Im on my journey to become a "class act".There was a time when I didnt have the highest self-esteem, and was threatened by girls who had qualities that I admired or wished I had. So in the company of my friends, I would pick out the chicks I had problems with and systematically Tear Them Apart! From their hairstyle to their shoes, the way they were built...any imperfections I had seen I would exploit to the fullest extent.And would use my gift with words to make a person feel lower than an ant... Then a little later, after I had my own Come-up and didnt feel so bad, I picked on people who didnt have it like I had it, who couldnt "freak" an outfit like I freaked it, and maybe werent as cute as me. Lookin back no matter where I was on the popularity food chain, I was a pretty nasty person. But, things change, time heals all wounds and I look around and see my sisters (all of you!) doing the same things I did and worse. And if you aren't, I applaud you. Now, there is a difference between hating on girls for no reason and disliking them for a genuine one...and let me tell you
every day I find myself trying to be a better person, a classy lady. We hear that word alot but alot of women take the word and twist the meaning. And, if you have to call yourself classy before anybody else does, you still have some work to do, lady. For the ladies that maybe have some issues deep down inside and jealousy is your problem, you dont have to admit it to that person. But you can from here on out stop treating them like your enemy and maybe find out what it is that you can do to better yourself. Sistas, another thing that is CLASSLESS is the way we treat ourselves when it comes to men...PLEASE let that "wifed-up" thing go! because unless you have a ring on your finger, you are really no better than the "side-chick" or "jumpoff" because the nigga is still DISRESPECTING you. Also, if you got your man by taking him from anotha sista, you better beware. How you got him is how you will lose him, and Karma is a bad,bad, bitch.Another thing. CLOSE YOUR MOTHERFUCKING LEGS!IF you MUST get some, go buy a toy. We all understand that caking and cuddling with a dude can lead to some stuff, and we all fall down. But if you keep on TRIPPING and Falling, you better take them Fuck Me Pumps off and go sat your hot ass down somewhere.And if you bragging because he's trickin on you, what does that make you? A TRICK! stop braggin on it... Once a dude gets it, i mean...he done got it and its up to him now to decide when to get rid of ur ass, cuz we all know the double standards.I hate to bore you, but the story Lysistrata by Aristophanes is about all the women in thier kingdom cracking down on their dudes and getting whatever they wanted done by doin one thing: Cutting off the coochie!(its really effective, I PROMISE!lol) To my ladies that are established, have their own things, look good, doing it big: I APPLAUD YOU! I LOVE YOU, GIRL! but dont look down on the next chick. If I see anybody else on their pages talkin about how they "SHIT" on "these hoes", I'm gonna go crazy. Do you think there is something cute about people visualizing boo-boo runnin all outta your ass because you look good? eh-eh. Besides, shit stinks, and so will your attitude if you keep talkin like that.Now if I sound like I'm preachin, y'all aint gotta go get out your afro picks for a natural and run around bra-less watchin Waiting to Exhale...
but can we attempt to make a change at least? Even if a chick did something to piss you off and now u dont like her ass, forgive her. Maybe she was having a bad day.Help a ho get off the floor if she fell instead of laughin! (I say ho in the most loving way) when you walk down the street, smile at the next girl u see instead of mean muggin, even IF THATS WHAT SHE DOES.Stop fighting like bitches in the street (that shit aint cute!)Rome wasnt built in a day...and next time you go to the club and you look all the way right, say you REPRESENT for the girls that cant do it like you yet instead of SHITTING (eee) on the ones who dont look so good. To all the girls who say they dont fuck with other girls, they only have guy friends...shut your trap. you only have guy friends execpt for all the BESTIES that you effin posin in pics with, and besides a nigga can be "yo nigga" all he want and he STILL can talk about yo ass the same way he talk about people in front of you.So to all the girls that I've pissed off ever, my bad, sis. And to all my future and present friends, I'm blessed to have you.I know this line is a cliche', but the past is history, the future is a mystery, and today is a gift! Enjoy it! Why do you think they call it the "present"?
So let's Stop the Madness!