A wonderful weekend, a wonderful week... This is gonna cum back and bite me in the ass...

So I had a horrible weekend. I mean, terrible. Friday, My EX-best friend left me downtown alone in the cold at one thirty at freaking nite to be with her boyfriend, while I had to catch a ride home. (wench, I want my $40 for that cab, too) I told her from the beginning I didnt want to go walking up and down the strip in the highlands on a double-date, becasue I was tired. We could go to a movie or something. She agreed. But an hour later, I found myself trapped in a car with no jacket, no cash and the begginings of a headache....Two hours later, some afrcian man in a dingy taxi was taking the lllooooonnnngggesssst way home so he could charge me as much as possible. Thanks, mr. African man. Saturday I shopped alone, becasue everyone was at their respective colleges and no one was home. (sigh) and everyone my age was going to frankfort for a college homecoming party...(well whoopty freakin do)I think, you go to one party, you've been to them all..anyway, sunday I drive back to campus in Lexington for the first time. It was a moderately scary experience, but actually turned out to be quite easy. However, as I was walking back to my dorm with my friend louis, I stepped right into a sewer grate-vent thingy and I thought I broke my daggone leg. i was dusty and muddy, my purse was busted, and my crack was hanging out of my pants becasue I was in some weird split cheerleader position...(omg)Everybody crowded around from nowhere. Asking if I was ok...I wish I had broken my leg so I coulda sued the school....anyway, I had to limp the rest of the way back to the dorm with Louis doing renditions of me swooping out of sight and moaning. Early today was pretty uneventful. I went to class. I came home. Whoopee. But around ten, me and my motley crew went to Mia's, a gay bar that's got this little hole-in-the-wall thing goin. I was totally slutted up (a usual for me) and everybody else was all, contempo casual. (hey, I'm the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan...heehee.)So we get there and the karoake's going and there are peeps mingling everywhere. We're dancing all over the place, with me trying to shake a titty out of my dress, when the waiter comes over and tells us we have to order a drink and leave. Great. We're all broke college students.So all is lost untill this 38 yr old waiter comes up and starts me....ugh. But nowadays I say, hey if the price is'm joking...or am I?) he wants my number. Do I give it to him? The high point of the nite was us cheering for this fat gurl who was horribly drunk and begged fir us to cheer when she sang. But she actually wasn't bad...hmm.We got stopped by this random homeless man who asked us all for a dollar,which we gave up. (hey, he coulda been jesus.Or a crackehead.)We got caught in the rain coming back and my weave is jacked....yipee. (maybe he wasnt jesus after all....EVERYBODY knows that water is a black woman's kryptonite...)But, it couldve been worse. It also couldve been better. Isn't that my life, tho?