youre a bad bitch, huh?

I understand now why every adult doesnt smile that much. When I was a kid, though my smile wouldnt exactly light up a Just For Me perm box, I couldnt understand why most adults never seemed that happy. But today, I dont undesrtand why adults smile at all....

I was beating down the lotion bottle this morning to get the last out of the bottom (we ARE in a recession) when i flipped through the channels onto CNN. The lotion was soon forgotten, as was the rest of the chores I had for the day ass I watched CNN for most of it. Of course we all know what the most prevalent issues have been in the past few weeks: Bernie Madoff, one of the greatest hustlers of our time and the bailout of the AIG company, a GROUP of the greatest hustlers of our time. The more I listened, the more I got pissed off! But hold the phone, because Bernie the Beast doesnt deserve all my broke wrath. A good majority of the people who invested in his ventures deserve an equal portion of my wrath as well, since their main reasons for joining up with him were quick returns on cash buildup. TRhey were some greedy asses! While I do feel sorry for the 90 yr olds who now have to return to work as security guards, I cannot help but feel heaps of apathy for the younger people who's greedy asses are now as broke as I am. They are only now just beginning to feel the woes that my parents, and now me, feel every fucking day! Welcome to the real world! Had these people still had the millions that Bernie the Beast Swindled, I dont quite think their asses would be trying to feed the hungry or help the homeless. As I watched the past smug girns and leers be replaced by Woe-is-me no more yachts and valets tears, I felt, well,vindicated. They'll have to wash their asses with a rag like everyone else now, not a BIDET.
Moving right along, I think that the AIG is a complete joke in ethics and accolades, yet SUCH smooth criminals for demanding that a large portion of their bailout go to $50 and $60 million dollar bonuses for the jackasses who've been raping America's economy in the ass for years!How odd that in spite of that, if we got rid of them Americas recession would take a turn for the worst and crash and burn...
Jesus, it wont be long,huh?
While I'm on this rant concerning money, I want y'all to know that
BANKS ARE THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have really been conscious this year in my money saving and spending efforts (one of my New Year's Resolutions was to have saved half a stack by the years end)and the bank is not having it!!! They wait until I dont have any money in my account to process payments, they charge mad fees on top of fees until Im in debt and calling my mama, crying. In the words of Kanye:
im going to sleep.


YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

Welcome back...Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Will you be my Valentines?, and Happy St.Patricks day Flygirl...You just made it under the wire for Easter, homie!

Dang...angry much? I understand where you coming from and I also think that a lot of those people were stupid, for putting all their money in. You never put all your eggs in one basket, especially your life savings and 401s. However I don't think any of them deserve to loose all their money, even the rich ones.
We don't know they wouldn't be giving SOME to the homeless or hungry, but regardless if they weren't it was still their money and ole Madoff had no right stealing it.

What makes me mad, is this treatmeant of him, why is he still out on bail, walking the street, Let this have been a Rakeem, and his butt wouldn't have seen the day of light until the trial, and after until sentencing, and if he was Madoff age, they would be like, "Well we can't give him 30 years, he is old now, lets give him the chair!"

You just angry, so I'm going to end this comment down, before you turn on me, its are right Boo, you will get that half a stack, I believe it! You will be Great... You luxurious weave wearing You!

WoodiusMaximus said...

I woulda screwed people out of their money, too.

Why not?

Besides the risk of life in jail, it's not that bad.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

welcome back folk

Anonymous said...

Stuff is gonna continually try to take your reason to smile. You have got to find your reason to smile and hold onto that for dear life. And then when they take that from you, keep smilling. It will confuse the devil, and he might.... he might leave you alone for a season.

D.Jay said...

Don't sweat the whole bank biz too much, It's all a part of growing up. I've been there personally sure I've only gor 3 years on you but you would be suprised in what you can learn in 1,095 days. As for Madoff and AIG and the rest of those theives... Karma is a mf. Madoff will find out first when he's being Shawshanked by Bobby Jimmy and the rest of the Aryan Nation.

Tony Stark said...

...I can't stand banks either...especially overdrafting...I mean, why let me spend money I don't have??????......greedy ass bastards!